9 Tips To Help Beginners Improve Their Kickboxing Technique

Whether you’re in it for the cardio, or for self-defense, or you really want to fight sometime, be sure to follow these 9 training tips below to help yourself improve and become a better kick boxer.

  1. Warm or and cool down. Before beginning every training session, it’s important to run or jog for at least 15 minutes to help build up sweat and prepare your body. You can even try shadowboxing, if you feel like it.
  1. Running helps build up strength in your leg muscles and also improves your stamina, two things that are very important in kick boxing. Running is best done once a week, usually on rest days, so that you don’t overwork yourself too much. Also, once you get used to do the whole routine, try mixing up your speed and distance every time you go out for a run just to keep things interesting.


  1. Skip rope. Skip rope isn’t just a way for you to build up sweat, but also to help develop your coordination, as well as your stamina. Don’t just skip mindlessly as well. Be sure that your mind is present and alert. Try to vary how you skip as well, hopping from one foot to another, or just one foot, or both.
  1. Take shadow boxing seriously. This is something that you should really take note of. Shadow boxing is a great way for you to improve your focus, stamina and of course, your technique. Don’t worry about looking stupid and just focus on observing or correcting your movements, which is best done in front of a mirror.
  1. Lift weights. While you’re definitely not training to bulk up, lifting free weights help improve your kickboxing technique by making you stronger. This is best done with light weights with plenty of repetitions.
  1. Bag work. Working on the hanging bags is good for both power and stamina. However, the real benefit is that it’s the best and safest way to condition your fists and feet to the impact of having someone on the receiving end.
  1. Pad work. Pad works help improve the precision of your strikes, more than anything else. Though, another thing that it helps you work on is your breathing, which is absolutely necessary if you want to be a really good kick boxer.
  1. Speed ball. Again, the most obvious benefit of this is the coordination and precision of your strikes. However, training on the speed ball frequently helps condition you to keeping your hands up all the time, which is necessary to maintain a strong guard.
  1. Once you’re allowed to spar with other people in the gym, take the chance to do it as often as your body allows. This will be crucial in helping you formulate new attacks and combos, as well as how to evade and defend when you’re on the receiving end.

There you have it. 9 absolutely necessary tips that should go a long way in helping you improve your overall kickboxing technique and become a much better fighter.

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