What To Look For In A Kickboxing School

Kickboxing is one of the fastest rising full-contact sports around and it’s because the cardiovascular benefits are just simply amazing.

Whether you’re in it to be in the sport or just for fitness, kickboxing is a nice hobby to pick up.

Follow these tips below to make sure that you choose a kickboxing school that will do right by you.


  1. Convenient location.

Of course, you’ll want to go to a gym that’s close to your home or close to your work – both if possible.

  1. Training facilities and equipment.

Apart from the usual weight training stuff, kickboxing will require certain special equipment that’s necessary to facilitate the whole training process. This includes kickboxing pads, kicking bags, punching bags, matted floors, punching bags, and so on. So, make sure that the gym has those.

Also, apart from having all the necessary training facilities and equipment, the place should also be spacious and at the same time, well-maintained. The latter is very important because dirty gyms can become a zest pool for bacterial infections such as staph, among others.

Cleanliness and the mats are a huge plus for safety. The former for bacterial infections and the latter so as to cushion any falls to the floor, which will happen quite a lot if I may so add.

Another huge plus is if the gym is strict about requiring students to wear the proper equipment first before participating in training.

Standard equipment includes a headgear, a mouthguard, chest protection, groin protection, shin protection and also, padded gloves.

Another thing to consider is if the gym offers classes that fit right into your schedule.

Preferably, you’ll want the class to happen after work, not before it, because kickboxing can be quite exhausting and you may not have much energy anymore after each class.

Be sure to check out the different skill levels for each class as well and the coaches or instructors taking care of each class.

  1. Qualified instructors.

Speaking of coaches and instructors, the last, yet most important thing you’ll want in a kickboxing school is that they have to house qualified instructors.

You just can’t believe all the talk. You actually have to do your research, ask people around you and of course, look them up over the internet.

Remember, the ability of your instructor/s will go a long way towards you reaching whatever goal it is you have, whether you want to fight someday or just want to improve your overall fitness.

Finding a kickboxing school

Again, a good kickboxing school should in close proximity to where you live and/or work, have well-maintained facilities and equipment and most important of all, have competent and qualified instructors.

Truth be told, it will take quite some time for you to find a kickboxing school that suits all your needs and demands. But, don’t worry, the search will be worth it. Once you find the right kickboxing school, you’ll find yourself training and improving in no time!


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