What You Need To Know Before You Go Kickboxing

Whether you just plan on learning how to defend yourself, or be a bit more coordinated, or just want to have a kickass cardio workout, kickboxing is going to be good for you.

These days, you’ll find kickboxing classes focusing on just about anything, from self-defense, to conditioning, to competition, and so on. However, deciding which class to attend and which gym to go to are just one of the first of the many decisions you have to make.


With kickboxing, there are a lot of things you need to plan for, such as:

  1. Your goals. What do you want to happen? You just can’t go and buy kickboxing equipment and let that it be it. You actually have to have goals, like, for example, learning how to defend yourself from bullies, or you losing a couple of pounds, or even both. You may even set a goal of you competing in a year and that’s perfectly okay. What’s important is that you have a goal to start with.
  1. Find a good instructor. Once you have goal and once you’ve found the right classes to help you reach that goal, find a good instructor. You may have to speak to a few different coaches to do this, but it’s all going to be worth it. Ideally, you’ll want the coach to be someone you’re comfortable working with and someone who’s certified by organizations like the International Kickboxing Federation, or the International Sport Karate Association.
  1. Don’t try to overestimate yourself. Yes, you’ve seen plenty of karate movies where the main characters seemingly goes beyond their limits and you’ll likely want to try that. But, no, stop yourself. That sort of thing belongs in the movies. In real life, you have to assess yourself properly and this means that you have to be honest about your level of physical fitness and certain chronic conditions you’re suffering from, like asthma or diabetes. Remember, kickboxing is a very intense exercise program, so your body will be put more enormous stress than it’s ever been put before.
  1. Buy the right kickboxing equipment. Ankle supports, boxing gloves, headgear, comfortable sweatshirts (not too lose, not too tight), water bottles, towels and of course, mouth guards, are some of the basic kickboxing equipment you’ll want to buy first. Later on, you may want to invest in groin protection, just in case.
  1. Eat up. Many people have this misconception that because kickboxing can help them lose weight, they should also eat less. That’s not true. If you really want to lose weight, you have to stock up on carbs and protein (well, the right kind and not junk) before and after each session so that your body is properly nourished. Also, never forget to bring a water bottle while you train so that you’re always hydrated before and while you work out.

Remember, the most important thing about kickboxing is to have fun. Don’t worry much about the things that you can or can’t do, because all of that will come in time as long as you go in with a positive mindset.

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